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Mark LePatner

Project: Feature script 1001

Bio: Mark is a grateful but misanthropic 34 year old Brooklyn-based writer who’s refining his first feature film. He's worked in directing and editing short content and music videos, and post production on network TV productions for many years until he chose to pick up a mixing tin to pay the bills.  

Socials: N/A

TWar_4055_web copy_edited.jpg

Tim Wardell

Project: Half-hour pilot GADDY

Bio: Tim Wardell is an actor/writer in Los Angeles. He hails from the coal mining lands of the Appalachian mountains near the Pennsylvania and West Virginia border. Being mixed-race, queer, and having been raised in conservative surroundings, his scripts tend to focus on the intersectionality of all three. Tim has written two pilots and is currently writing a feature.


Kevin Ramlal

Project: Hour pilot ON MY HONOR

Bio: Kevin Ramlal is a Canadian-born, Texas-raised South Asian with roots in Trinidad as well as Tanzania. Raised with multiple cultural influences, Kevin focuses on characters that are traditionally considered outsiders, always with a genre slant. During the summer of 2021, Kevin participated in the Giant Leap Accelerator’s inaugural class, developing his original half-hour pilot with Giant Leap Media. Additionally, Kevin’s feature sample landed on Blacklist’s 2021 CAPE List. Kevin has assisted on Freeform’s Kal Penn Approves This Message and Comedy Central’s Hot Mess Holiday. Most recently Kevin was a Writers’ Assistant for 20th Television and Disney+.

Socials: Twitter/IG: @ramdog32


Screen Shot 2021-12-06 at 12.20.45 AM.png

Scene Study with Macenzie Rebelo

Scene Study: "Bringing Up Past Sins: Scene Study"

Macenzie's Episode: "There is No Series, So Stuff the Pilot"

Project: Hour pilot SINS

Socials: N/A

ShawnWaugh (1)_edited.jpg

Shawn Waugh


Bio: Shawn Waugh is a genre writer from the writers’ rooms of Castle, Fear the Walking Dead, Waco, and Reprisal. He graduated with an MFA from UCLA’s Theater, Film, And Television program, where he specialized in the school’s showrunner track. Shawn’s scripts have landed in the semifinals of Fresh Voices and the Fox Writers Lab, and C21’s top 100 Drama Scripts. 

You can find his book on Script Coordinating by clicking here.

Socials: Twitter: @shawnwaugh Website:


Casey Partridge

Project: Hour pilot GODS' COMPLEX

Bio: Casey is a writer based in Los Angeles. After a stint as a monologue intern at Conan, she graduated virtually from a hotel room in 2021 from UCLA with a degree in Film and Television, where she was awarded the George Burns and Gracie Allen Scholarship and Fellowship in Comedy. She is driven by anxiety, a love for everything mysterious, and spite. If you see her on the street, maybe tell her “everything will be just fine, kid” in a 1940s radio announcer voice. It’ll help.

Socials: N/A

Profile 2.JPG

Teng Ky-Gan

Project: Hour pilot THE FOURTEENTH

Bio: Teng Ky-Gan won the ISA's Table Read My Screenplay Genre Competition 2021, placed Quarterfinalist in the Nicholl Fellowships, Scriptapalooza and CineStory. He has 2 screenplays in development in LA and is currently writing 2 biopics (on the Dalai Lama and Kim Jong-nam).

Socials: Twitter: @tengkygan


Managers: Tammy Hunt ( and Jaime Bradley (

Claire Jennings.jpg

Claire Jennings

Project: Half-hour pilot FOREVER 21 FOREVER

Bio: Claire Jennings is a writer based in Los Angeles. She previously worked as a writer’s assistant for a sketch comedy series on Quibi, and wrote and performed with her sketch group at the Upright Citizens Brigade theater in LA (RIP). Claire graduated from Boston University in 2018 with a double-major in Film & Television and Philosophy. 

Socials: Twitter: @clairemercie


Marc Brockwell

Project: Half-hour pilot, Untitled white collar criminal turned caddy comedy

Bio: Marc Brockwell is a New York born comedy writer, catholic school survivor, and backyard pizza-maker. Fueled by black coffee and self-doubt, Marc began his comedy writing career in 4th grade, with his first script, a parody of The Office called... The Classroom. 

After writing a feature length comedy film, two short films and seven TV pilots while studying Screenwriting at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, Marc has since gone on to land his current gig as an unemployed college graduate. He believes that laughter is the key to happiness, so his TV goal is to write the “easy-going show you can put on at the end of a long day to just sit back and laugh at.” 


Tania Lotia


Bio: Tania Lotia is a Los Angeles-based television writer who grew up in Karachi, Pakistan. After graduating from UCLA, she attended law school where she interviewed for the CIA. Then, she opted for a more creative path.

Tania is a graduate of the CAPE New Writers Fellowship and the Fox Writers Lab. Her script DJINN was featured on the 2017 WeForShe list of top pilot scripts written by women.

Currently, she is a writer and supervising producer on Netflix’s THE WITCHER. Previously, she wrote on WITCHER: BLOOD ORIGIN (Netflix), CARNIVAL ROW (Legendary/Amazon), Stephen King’s THE DARK TOWER TV series adaptation (Media Rights Capital/Amazon), SWAMP THING (Atomic Monster/WBTV), and TRIBES (Sony), and a couple other projects she’s not allowed to talk about...

Tania is the current co-chair of the Asian American Writers Committee of the WGA West.

Socials: N/A


Nate Patton

Project: Half-hour pilot SPECIALISTS

Bio: Nate Patton is a husband, dad, and screenwriter who recently moved back to his hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. After unsuccessfully attempting to adapt the novel "The Giver" in a word document at age 12, he didn't attempt another screenplay until age 26. He's proud to say he's written several features and pilots in the past four years and has graduated to a screenwriting software you may have heard of called Final Draft. He tends to write comedies about Tennesseans.

Socials: Email:

Instagram: @n8pttn

Letterboxd: @natepttn

Sarah and Paula.JPG

Sarah Heveron-Smith and Paula Skaggs


Bio: Sarah Heveron-Smith is a comedian and writer who worked as a CVS clerk, New York State Fair photographer’s assistant, kids’ self-defense coach, and transcriber of murder interrogations before landing her current job as Showrunner's Assistant on ORDINARY JOE. She was selected for NBC's Late Night Writers Workshop in 2017, and is hoping she can keep that on her resume for a few more years. Sarah comes from a long line of practical Northeastern women who will tell you exactly how on sale their clothing was (75% off!)

Paula Skaggs is a writer and comedian originally from the home of the World's Second Largest Trout Statue. She was selected to be part of the NBC Late Night Writers Workshop and the NBC Scene Showcase, and her pilot, DEBLANDIA, was an official selection for the 2021 Catalyst Festival. She's the creator of Paula Eats, a frozen meal review blog, and is also the co-creator of No Wrong Answers, a comedic conversation card game. She's a graduate of the Second City Conservatory and yes, she would love to see a photo of your dog. 

Socials: Twitter: @SCHeveron and @PaulaSkaggs

Instagram: @PaulaEatsLeanCuisines


Screen Shot 2021-09-12 at 11.37_edited.jpg

Scene Study with Zach Freshley and J Hunter Richardson

Zach's Project: Hour drama, Under Investigation

J's Project: Hour drama, Punx Not Dead

Socials: N/A


Doris McGill

Project: Half-hour comedy BABY GAY

Bio: Doris McGill is a comedy writer and native New Yorker who learned how to drive two years ago and moved to LA. After creating her own major in foreign film and language, as a part of the inaugural class of the Muse Scholars Program at Hunter College, she took a hard left into the world of TV comedy writing. She now writes dramedies focused on queer characters and storylines as she hopes to see more relatable (and less depressing) representation on screen. 

Socials: IG: @dorisemcg


Screen Shot 2021-08-31 at 12.24.55 PM.png

Jerry Landry

Project: Half-hour dark comedy DUST COUNTRY

Bio: Jerry Landry is a former patent examiner turned writer who strives to write evergreen stories.

Socials: Twitter: @_TheBobCat


claire nauman_edited.jpg

Claire Nauman

Project: Hour long procedural LOVE IS...

Bio: Claire Nauman is a former biologist turned screenwriter based in Los Angeles. She writes about ambitious young women who pursue their goals despite immense challenges… and the occasional love triangle.

Socials: Email:


Campy Draper

Project: Half-hour Dramedy THE SEACOUVER MYSTERIES

Bio: Campy Draper is a writer and illustrator living on the West Coast. As someone who grew up in a single-parent household, struggling on the verge of poverty, and burdened with childhood illness, stories became Campy's way of escape. As a writer, he pays it forward by creating stories about lost characters overcoming personal limitations while facing the extraordinary, surreal, and sometimes terrifying.

Socials: Twitter: @campydraper


Scene Study with AD and KB.png

Scene Study with Annette DeLorean and Kat Boyd

Annette's Project: Animated Half-Hour Comedy HORSEHAIR

Kat's Project: Hour Police Drama THE D

Socials:  N/A

Headshot 2018_edited.jpg

Yasmin Asif

Project: Dark Comedy Feature COOKIE CUTTERS

Bio: Yasmin Asif is a British-Indian writer and director. After studying for an MFA at Columbia College Chicago, where she worked on a number of shorts and features, she returned to the UK to work in TV. She’s interested in exploring themes of identity, culture and family through her work, particularly after growing up in the English countryside and would love to broaden the reach of these themes, examining these stories in fantasy and sci-fi projects.

Socials:  N/A

Phillip Cordell Commercial 2_edited.jpg

Phillip Cordell

Project: Half-hour comedy NASHVILLE DADS CLUB

Bio: Phillip Cordell is a writer, producer and actor from Nashville, TN. Previously a Tech Firm VP, he now writes and produces for Web, TV and Film full-time, focusing on comedies with heart.


Prince of Pools, a 30-minute comedy pilot Phillip wrote and produced, debuted at the 2019 Nashville Film Festival and his latest comedic streaming series, 2021’s Nashville Dads Club, has amassed over 1.5 million views online.


Phillip is happily married to his wife of 10 years with whom he shares two small children and has trained at Loyola of Chicago and Roadmap Writers. He also holds a BS in TV/Film Production from THE Middle Tennessee State University.


Ellie Lorscheid

Project: Hour drama DARKLANDS

Bio: Ellie Lorscheid is a German TV journalist and reporter who has started branching out into screenwriting in 2019. 


Right now she is juggling segment producing non-fictional content for German TV with giving structure to her worlds of fictional ideas and learning the ropes of screenwriting.

Socials:  IG: @ellie_carina


Travis Nguyen

Project: Hour drama BIG BRAIN

Bio: Travis Nguyen is an energetic twenty-year young writer who's looking to smuggle his brain cells into the film industry. He hopes to manufacture as many bold and new ideas as possible, and his goal is to offer a fresh breeze of storytelling as a writer/director. Travis likes shooting for the moon, and even though he knows he might not make it, he'd still love to try and at least get to space. 

Screen Shot 2021-07-05 at 12.24_edited.jpg

Laurel Ellis

Project: Hour drama THE RESTORER

Bio: Laurel is a screenwriter, cemetery restorer and single mom in northeast Pennsylvania, but hoping to be able to return to the L.A. area soon. She spent many years roaming cemeteries before she started to do restorations, and many years writing before she decided to do it professionally.

Socials:  IG: @laurelelliswriter

Managers: Tammy Hunt ( and Jamie Bradley (

Clarence-Moore-Headshots_DLP6523_09-08-19 (2).jpg


Project: Hour drama BLOOD & SOIL

Bio: Clarence is a former academic and pharma consultant whose research on political violence led him to live across Lebanon, Jordan, and Germany. He writes about power dynamics in families, companies, and governments. They're more alike than one would hope.

Socials:  IG: @mo_clar

Twitter: @MulaMoor

Stephanie, Scott, Rusty_edited.jpg


Project: Half-hour comedy DOG EAT DOG

Bio: Quirky, caffeinated, sarcastic and omnivorous, Stephanie, Scott and Rusty are a writing trio forged by dwarves in the heart of a dying star! Stephanie's a Cuban-Colombian Miami native who's lived in Japan and the UK, has a law dregree, runs a 150-year-old guest house in Brighton and resides in Los Angeles with her poker-playing husband. Scott's been a professional musician, cameraman and a VP of Marketing at Wells Fargo. He went to a writers’ workshop in a corn field to write a novel he never finished and to film school in New York, wishing he’d gone to USC. Rusty's a Disney artist, puppetteer, musician and BBQ genius. Together they form the crime-fighting writing trio known as... the Genius Losers!

Socials:  Twitter: @caffinejedi, @itsmejsp, @RustyWatkins3



Project: Half-hour comedy HUCKSTER GRANDPA

Bio: Stephen is an author, lawyer, and 2020 Nicholl semifinalist who can usually be found in Venice Beach, CA.

Socials:  Twitter: @saltywritesit



Project: Demon-hunting fantasy THE WATCHERS

Bio: Jovanna grew up in a Latino household and spent her childhood playing dress-up and creating characters. With her extensive experience as an actor in film and television (over 45 credits) and producer (The True Heroines, (YouTube + Hulu Plus) Jovanna's creative evolution to screenwriting is a natural one. Having visualized stories since she was a child, she looks forward to telling important stories that focus on the female driven narrative and incorporate her Hispanic heritage.

Socials:  IG: @officialjovanna
Twitter: @jovannahuguet

18 - Malcolm Spellman.jpg


Project: As a celebrity guest, Malcolm breaks a sample logline with Sam and Jim!

Bio: Malcolm Spellman Executive Produced and served as Showrunner of Marvel's newly premiered The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. He was also Executive Producer on Apple's Truth Be Told and a Producer on Empire. Currently, Spellman is consulting on another streamer-launching event series, Bel Air, Peacock’s revival of the Will Smith-led Fresh Prince of Bel Air, originally on NBC.

Socials:  n/a



Project: Hour-long drama SINS

Bio: Macenzie Rebelo is a 23-year-old screenwriters based out of Toronto and has been writing for 4+ years.



Project: Hour-long dramedy SKIMMER

Bio: Jeff Thurber is an LA-based screenwriter who's found a way into scripted episodic through Post & VFX. He can be found staring down Final Draft to avoid the volatility of the outside world.

Socials: Email:

15 - Annette DeLorean.jpg


Project: Animated series HORSEHAIR

Bio: Annette DeLorean is a writer/animator from Detroit, MI, currently living in Florida and working on her animated series Horsehair. Annette is also songwriter and fronts the band Betty Cooper, and is the creator of Punk Rock Yoga Bitch on Comedy Central.

14 - J Hunter Richardson.jpg


Project: Hour-long drama SINGULARS

Bio: J. Hunter Richardson is a screenwriter and musician born and raised just outside L.A. near the site of arguably the worst nuclear disaster in the continental United States. It explains a lot about his obsession with the weird, dark and otherworldly.

Socials: IG @jaydanger

Twitter @Iamjaydanger

13 - Lauren White.jpg


Project: Half-hour comedy INCONCEIVABLE

Bio: Lauren White is a Canadian writer who started writing professionally as a teenager when she was Creative Director for the SAKs Channels, a group of children's YouTube channels. Her short scripts were viewed by millions of people. That's all to the story-- no need to Google it. Now, Lauren has just completed her BFA in Screenwriting from York University in Toronto.

Socials: IG @laurenwhitestories



Project: Hour-long drama NOT FOR PROFIT

Bio: Adam Warwinsky has worked in live events in New York City since graduating with a double major in Theatre Performance and Political Science in 2015.

Socials: n/a



Project: Half-hour comedy THE KING OF MARS

Bio: Mary Nguyen is a writer and improviser. Mary’s comedy leans on her mildly morbid humor, a byproduct of her family’s storytelling. Although her family experienced a horrific civil war, they recount their lives with a blend of hardship and joy. She knows funny can be a way to heal from tragedy.

Socials: IG @maryhbnguyen

Twitter @maryhbnguyen



Project: Hour-long drama UNDER INVESTIGATION

Bio: Zach Freshley is a screenwriter currently living in Atlanta, GA. After wasting four years and a ton of money on a business degree, Zach decided to pivot into the notoriously stable entertainment industry, much to the dismay of his parents as well as his bank account.

Socials: IG @fresh.stagram

Twitter @Z_Fresh7



Project: Limited series CEASEFIRE

Bio: Sean-Joseph is a writer and circus acrobat from Christchurch, New Zealand. He has written a novel, a handful of stageplays, has taken a tilt at poetry, and is now having a go at breaking into television.

8 - Ben Watkins.jpeg


Project: As a celebrity guest, Ben breaks a sample logline with Sam and Jim!

Bio: Ben Watkins is the creator and showrunner of the provocative Amazon Originals series Hand of God. He most recently executive produced Truth Be Told on Apple TV. He currently has several projects in development through his production shingle, Blue Monday Productions. He and his family work to support community programs and people who are looking to improve issues around civil rights, public education and homelessness.

Socials: IG @_Benipedia_

Twitter @_Benipedia_

7 - Mary Birdsong.png


Project: Half-hour dark comedy HOT MESS

Bio: Mary began writing at the tender age of six, prolifically churning out a series of “sick notes” under the assumed name Katherine Birdsong, who happens to be her mother. Her roots are in the Deep South, but she grew up on an exotic island in South Jersey, which is basically like Deliverance, but with surf boards.

Socials: IG @marybirdsongofficial

Twitter @marybirdsong

6 - Tamara Becher-Wilkinson.jpg


Project: As our first celebrity guest, Tamara breaks a sample logline with Sam and Jim!

Bio: Tamara is an Executive producer HBOMax’s Doom Patrol and has several projects in development with DC Films.

Socials: Twitter @trbecher



Project: Coming-of-age feature film VOICELESS

Bio: Max is a newer Angeleno by way of New Jersey, with a stop at NYU for an MFA in film. His scripts have been featured at the Austin Film Festival and on the GLAAD List.

Socials: IG @rissmanmax




Project:  Hour-long dramedy FAMILY LAW AND DISORDER

Bio: Stacy is a producer who has dabbled in satirical writing at Second City and stand-up. She finds writing to be a battle to master what Spinal Tap deemed “the fine line between stupid and clever.”

Socials: IG @stacylumbrezer

3 - Faraz Abidi.jpg



Bio: Faraz studied Computer Engineering and Screenwriting at USC. He has spent the last 6 years working for a tech startup as the Head of Software, and is now looking to move in to Act 2 of his career, as a screenwriter.

Socials: Twitter @fzfromcupertino



Project: Hour-long drama THE D

Bio: Kat is a writer girl person in LA who most days would rather hula hoop under water than work on her writing revisions.

Socials: n/a



Project: Hour-long drama VISIONS OF JOHANNA

Bio: Erin is a writer and singer based in Los Angeles.

Socials: IG @erintkron

Twitter @erinkron

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