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About Sam & Jim

It took years of screwing things up and learning to fix them for Sam and Jim to become the working professionals they are now. They have been executive producers on Amazon’s CARNIVAL ROW, Marvel’s DAREDEVIL, worked on numerous other shows and networks, and even created one of their own: HAVEN, which ran for six seasons on SYFY.


This podcast is their way to pay it forward by sharing the knowledge they've gained through almost two decades of TV writing. 


Once upon a time, successful restaurant owners Sam Ernst and Jim Dunn convinced their mostly understanding wives to move from St. Paul, Minnesota, to Los Angeles, California – where they knew nobody and had no way to support themselves – to pursue their dream of writing for television.

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In The Writers Room with Sam and Jim, Sam Ernst and Jim Dunn invite aspiring TV and screenwriters into their virtual “writers’ room” and help them develop their own incredible stories – while avoiding some of the creative pitfalls Sam and Jim have run into, over and over and….  

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